Aberdeen School


Aberdeen School Values


In 2018 we underwent a process to revamp and revitalise our school values.  The aim was to ensure the Aberdeen School values are relevant to our current educational and societal climate and are a great fit with our vision, mission and unique school culture.  The values are known as The Five Pou of Aberdeen - Ngaa Pou e Rima o Aberdeen. The values are; Be Leaders - Me whai mana, Be Thinkers - Me whai Whakaaro, Be Connected - Me whai hono, Be Kind and Respectful - Me whai manaaki, and Be Creative - Me whai auaha.

At Aberdeen School the values are explicitly taught in the classrooms and we have regular values assemblies to further generate thinking and discussion around our school values. Our aim is to foster these values in our classroom learning, in the playground, and in our students' home lives.