Aberdeen School

Aberdeen School Lost Property Process 

Found Property - Named

  • Please write your child’s full name (preferably first and family name) on all uniform and items that their child brings to school and then continue to check the name is still visible after washing.
  • A lost property team will pick up any unclaimed property on the school fields or playgrounds at 2:45 each day.
  • All named property is then returned to the child’s class teacher as soon as possible and returned to the child.

Found Property - Unnamed

  • Any unnamed property is collected and placed outside the lost property shed (the shed with the roller door opposite Room 13) during the school day by students / teachers and remains there until student’s have gone home.  
  • Students / parents can check for items lost during the day in one of two bins: The ‘Today’s Found Property’ bin and ‘Yesterday’s Found Property’ bin which contains property found the day before  

All non-uniform property from the week will be displayed for collection outside the hall from before assembly until after morning tea on Friday morning.

There is a form at the office where parents or students can report property that has been lost but not found. 

Parents please let us know if the ‘lost property’ is later found so the list of lost items at the office is kept up-to-date.

After 4 weeks, there will be a ‘Last Chance’ display of lost property outside Room 2/3 on Friday morning then any remaining lost property will be suitably disposed of.