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Term 1, Week 5

Posted on 6 March 2020

This week at assembly . . .

Our 2020 Clan Leaders presented their first Clan certificates to our Aberdeen Students who have been caught out in the playground or around our school showing our school values. 

These are our fantastic students recognised for their efforts this week.

Our Clan Leaders have also been on the lookout for the year group with the tidiest eating area after our eating breaks. They collated a graph to show how much rubbish was left at the end of a week of investigations, and congratulations to the Year 6 students who had the least amount of rubbish left at the end of eating time. 

We had our Aberdeen School Values draw today, with Tane, Ahuaiti and Willimina being recognised by our teachers for showing our School Values. Thank you to Whaea Charlotte who has been working as a student teacher in Room 3 for helping out with our draw this week. 

We recognised two of our Road Patrollers, Danica and Mason, who have done a stellar job thus far out on patrol. They always are willing to jump in and help if someone is not there, and this is done with a smile on their face. Thanks for being great role models. 

Ms R gave a big shout out and thank you to Mr Wallbank, the PTA and the teachers who helped out on Triathlon Day. It takes weeks of organisation to ensure that events run smoothly. Ms Withers and Whaea Leanne were acknowledged for their participation, with each running 12km and 14km on the day, helping our students around the track. 


Comment by Julia turner on 7 March 2020 3:42 PM:

You are doing such a great job keeping this up to date and being so informative for parents! Thanks heaps!

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