Aberdeen School

Term 4, Week 1

Posted on 18 October 2019

This week at assembly we celebrated the achievements of our Netball Teams. 

Mrs Webby expressed her thanks to the coaches of our netball teams for 2019. Without them, we would not be able to have teams. Each netball team also received their certificates of participation. 

Aberdeen Purple

Aberdeen Silver

Aberdeen Yellow

Aberdeen Red

Aberdeen Blue

Aberdeen Green

These road patrollers showed fantastic leadership out on patrol this week. 

We heard from these teachers who participated in the Teachers Games in Bay of Plenty during the school holidays. Mr McClelland, Ms Brown, Mr Kemp, Mr Watkins, Mr Wallbank, Miss Gibbes and Miss Gardner went and participated in a range of events including Bowls, Sprints and an Amazing Race. 

These fantastic students had their name drawn out in our Values draw this week. They got to enjoy a hot chocolate with Ms Brown. 

These students received recognition from our Clan Leaders for following our school values in the playground. Well done. 


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