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'Our Stories' a documentary by Room 26

Posted on 12 December 2017

Room 26 created a Documentary called ‘Our Stories’. The learning started at the beginning of the year when the children of Room 26 questioned their families about their family stories. This resulted in the children making picture books to present to the class. The children then chose 5 stories to represent our class. They also created advertisements selling some aspect of Aberdeen.

The stories that were chosen were:

  • Grandads Journey by Tatiana Mataoa   This is about Awhitia Hohia running away and losing his memory after an accident. He forgot his name and so used a name off a poster.
  • The Boyd by Lucas Drummond  This book is about Lucas’s 5X great grandmother Betsy Broughton and her journey to New Zealand.
  • The Guard by Jaiden Ballinger  This book is about Jaiden’s great grandad and his role in the war as a New Zealand Home Guard.
  • Dick Quax’s Destiny by Eden Shepherd  This book was about Eden’s great uncle who achieved silver in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.
  • Noah’s Story of Survival by Noah Duffin   This book is about Noah’s near death incident when he ran through a plate glass window.

We do realise there is still work to be done with the sound. But we are happy with our first attempt ever in making a documentary. Please enjoy. We are very proud of our team effort.

From Room 26


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