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Final Assembly 2018

Posted on 15 December 2018

Today we celebrated the end of our year 6's journey here at Aberdeen School, with our awards and final assembly.  There was laughter and tears during our celebration as we farewelled both students and staff.  

Students received recognition and awards for many different characteristics and attributes that are valued in our students.  

Our Principal Lesley Lomas first addressed the audience, followed by Olly TeUa from the Board of Trustees.



Our PTA addressed our leaving Year 6 students.


Our leaving Year 6 students 


These are our Rising Star recipients for 2019. 






Our reward recipients of 2018 



















Our 2018 Clan Leaders introduced our new 2019 Clan Leaders to the school.


Our leaving Year 6 students received their leaving certificates.  

Room 19 


Room 24


Room 25


Room 26


Room 28


Congratulations to Somerled, who won the Clan Cup this year. 



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